Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Day

Me, J, and Bum

Yesterday my family and I spent the day at my dad's parents house for the holiday. Isn't the picture above a great one of me and the sibs?! I did Bum's bun . . . it's quite fabulous if I do say so myself :) Daddy cooked up 2 massive beer can turkeys and one even had bacon on it! They were amazing. Just look at how excited Uncle P is:
Check out those birds! 

All of the cousins (minus our 2 AZ ones) were there and everyone was drinking wine- which was pretty comical considering that practically all of the soda went untouched . . . and not everyone is 21 yet either. Whoops. How we roll in the Big Bigley fam I suppose. It was nice to be home in sporadic sunshine with crisp weather that didn't totally bite you like what is currently happening in the PNW. My dear kitty, Missy, has spent lots of time with me and it's a joy waking up to her every morning :) I hope you all had nice Thanksgivings and don't get trampled my those crazy Black Friday-ers! 

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