Friday, November 11, 2011

Fri Fri

Jacket: Burberry, Jeans: Seven for All Mankind,
Boots: Nine West, Bag: Michael Kors, Bangle: Tiffany & Co.,
Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

For The Outdoors:
Scarf: Burberry, Jacket: Banana Republic,
Leather Gloves: Coach

I apologize for the stupid title of this post. It's lame. My brain isn't really working since I just had a midterm in my class last night and there is absolutely NOTHING going on at work. And it's totally disgusting outside. Like the wind-rain crap that I hate. It always messes up my hair. Also- I am lying to you about this outfit because I actually wore it yesterday - whoopsies. Today's outfit isn't that exciting and I am still wearing a variation of black sweater, jeans, and black boots albeit different styles from yesterday. Plus, the bun was going on yesterday so i just had to document that. It's obvi my new favorite thing! In addition, I went to lunch with my work friend, M, today and we both ordered the soup and grilled cheese but the waitress only brought us the soup. So then we were kind of peeved and thought we read the menu wrong. We had to order an apple tatin for dessert because we were still hungry. Anyway, on our way out, we looked at the menu and it DID say soup and grilled cheese! So WTF?! We were both kind of mad. Our waitress was a ditz. In happier news, GU plays their first game tonight (GO ZAGS!). And in sad news, I am sicky sick.

The End. 

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