Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Five Favorites

J. Crew Mini-Gingham Blouse At $75
- I especially love this kiwi color and believe
it is the epitome of spring! Plan to pair it
with a crisp white skirt and nude bow flats - 

Kate Spade Ticker Tape Mug At $50
- There is a matching plate too. Is it ridiculous to spend $100
on a plate-mug set just to make yourself feel fancy? - 

Zara Pencil Skirt with Frill At $79.90
- With peplum being all the rage right now, this skirt is the perfect
way to embody the trend. This skirt can go from day to night and
season to season. Whether with polka-dot tights or sun-kissed
legs, this skirt is guaranteed to make people swoon-  

 J. Crew Featherweight Colorblock Cardigan At $72.50
- Comes in multiple colors and is light enough for a cool summer morning
or evening. Must purchase immediately! -

  Gold Coast 'The Standard Orange' Longboard At $160
- Looking for a new summer hobby? Wanna rock your beachy look while
making the boys stare? Longboarding is the way to go! So fun, so easy,
and a great way to get a tan :) Buy yours here, you won't regret it! -  

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