Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pastels in the Rain

Blouse: Express; Skinny Denim: J. Crew; Shoes: Zara; Belt: Lacoste;
Necklace: J. Crew

Sunglasses: Versace; Scarf: Gifted; Trench: Gap; 
Rainboots: J. Crew; Tote: Longchamp

I love the little bows on these rainboots! I bought these forever and a day ago, back when I was still living in California. In the summertime. I bought them on sale for $10 at J. Crew. They definitely approached the yard sale bin every now and then due to minimal wear, but I could never part with them. I mean, hello- they're pink. rainboots. with bows! I think I will be forever sold on them.

Apologies in advance for the excessive amount that you will be seeing these Zara heels and J. Crew bib necklace. They've easily become two of my favorite items so hopefully you enjoy seeing them as much as I love wearing them!

Also, I've joined Instagram! I'm still trying to figure out how the damn thing works (I am so techie-impaired its ridiculous) but if you're interested in seeing my journey, you can find me here and follow along. Do you have Instagram? If so, let me know and I'll follow you!



  1. Hi I just found your blog!!love your style and following you from prague.
    you are from Seattle? I just came from there two months ago:)
    I love it
    you can see my blog too:)

    1. Hey lady! WOW! So honored to have you following all the way from Prague! I have been to Prague once and totally fell in love with it! Especially the shopping ;) Thanks for following! I will check out your blog for sure! XO