Friday, April 6, 2012


Blouse: Banana Republic; Skinny Cords: J. Crew; Flats: Me Too
Necklace: Gifted (Tiffany&Co); Rings: Gifted, Silver Cherry 

Tote: Longchamp; Nails: Susie by Julep

I wore this outfit last Saturday and N said I looked like a hillbilly. Offended, I said, "you know hillbillys are people that have no teeth, can't pronounce English correctly, and have no fashion sense whatsoever, right???" And then he said "hillbilly" wasn't what he meant, he meant Western. And so I said, "Oh. I can work with Western" :) I actually really like this outfit. I think the shoes help to spruce up the casualness of it for sure. Since I'll be engaging in Operation Smuggle Jubelale #2 this evening at the airport, I needed something comfortable, cute, and non-fussy. 

I'm greatly looking forward to surrounding myself with family and sunshine this weekend. I'm also planning to make 4 different appetizer and dessert items that I found on Pinterest, 3 of which I have never attempted before (we'll see how that goes for me). I will probably curse myself when I'm elbow-deep in Brie and pie crust though for trying to be so domestic. ::Sigh:: such is the life.

I'll try to post periodically while I'm home, if only to try a send some sunshine through the screen to my fellow Seattlites ;)

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