Monday, April 23, 2012

An Outfit So Nice, I Wore It Twice

Blouse: J. Crew; Skirt: Anthropologie; Sandals: Dolce Vita;
Bangles: Juicy Couture, Alexis Bittar; Earrings: J. Crew;
Nails: Lightening by Sally Hansen

I typically refrain from sporting the exact same outfit within such a close proximity as I did today. However, I totally fell in love when I wore it yesterday and today's weather was just begging me to commit a repeat offense. Yesterday N and I went on the Savor Seattle Food Tour in Pike Place Market with K and J. It was a sunny little double date on which we were able to try many of the local food vendors (some which I had had before and others which I hadn't!) and learn some fun and fancy tidbits I never knew before (for example, the Starbucks located within the Market is NOT (to my disbelief) the first Starbucks! It is the fourth location . . . which somewhat broke my heart a bit). Regardless, the food was phenomenal and the sunshine was intoxicating. Here are some snapshots from the day:

::Pike Place::
Steals my heart every time I visit

Enjoying Tom Douglas Crab Cakes with K

 ::Pops of Color at The Market::

 ::N sporting the fancy headset we had to wear,
and I, the repeat outfit offender!::

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