Sunday, July 15, 2012

Like On Vacay

"What? You mean like on vacay?! . . . Let's all go!"
- Best Movie of All Time and Not Afraid to Admit It

*Disclaimer: This post was written on 7/11 in anticipation of the hellish day that is to occur on 7/12

This is your post today because at this very moment I am still traveling to Costa Rica. I will have landed in Miami at 5:15 a.m. and then hopped on a plane to Liberia, Costa Rica. Let's hope I all make it there because quite frankly, I'm looking at you future self, my eyes are probably bloodshot, my hair is greasy, and I'm probably starving because nothing (not even McDonald's) is probably open at this God-forsaken hour in the Miami airport. So I'm probably whiney and fussy and wishing that someone would carry my LV and Longchamp bags because they are too damn heavy and causing bright red marks on my shoulders . . . 

HOWEVER, be sure to check back here tomorrow, as there is a full post planned along with a whole slew of posts scheduled regularly for next week :) BESOS! 

PS: Blogger and I are in a fight because it is now 7/15 and NEITHER of my scheduled blog posts posted for last Thursday and Friday. So sorry. Please pretend that it's last Thursday for the purpose of this post. 

PPS: I am in heaven in Costa Rica! A few photos to come later . . .

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