Monday, July 23, 2012

Three Bs

Blouse: Bellatrix; Pants: Vince Camuto; Flats: Me Too; Bangle: Ocean Leather;
Bag: Michael Kors

Today's "Three Bs" equate to: Bellatrix, Blue, and Bows . . . and I didn't even plan it :) Aside from the fact that I had to tackle 200+ work emails this morning and rocked out at a Snoop Dogg concert last night (yes, you read that correctly), I am actually feeling pretty good. Although I am anticipating needing to crash by like, Thursday. It was sad not waking up to 90 degree weather and an infinity pool this morning . . . but waking up to my man instead wasn't too shabby ;) I get to pick up little Jujubie tonight and I am SO excited! I haven't seen him for two weeks, which in cat lady world is like, forever. So I'm back to the daily grind and blogging- stay tuned for Costa Rica recaps and follow along on Instagram for photos from the trip! XO

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